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What: A nationwide air tour of historic World War II aircraft. Air tours available from nine o'clock. Michael. October. half a dozen and the 7th and mid-day of October. 8 and nine. Auxiliary plane available for trips all day. Participating on a plane: F-29 FIFI Superfortress, B-twenty-four Liberator Lil Stone, R-51 Mustang Gunfighter, Chemical-45 Expeditor Container, Big T-half dozen Texans, Boeing Stearman. When: nine a. Michael. for 5 p. Michael. October. half a dozen of nine. Price: Slam Entrance Fee, $ 12 for adults $ 5, children ages 11 to 17 and youth, free of charge. The price tag includes the free B-29 cabin tour when the aircraft is available. What: Food, disciplines and creating avenues and vendors, county fairs and broom events. The National Brush that runs through the competition and the beer and wine tents are open for several hours. Michael. free concert of The Conquer, 5 p. Michael. Garrett Biggs opens for the Feudin 'Hillbillies, 8 p. Michael. October. 6. The 41st Annual 5K and 10K Competition and the 5K Recreational Walk, 8A. Michael. celebration, 3 p. Michael. Christian recording musician Aaron Shust, 5 p. Michael. Teenage Party with Rockin 'Tater Display, 6 p. Michael. Characteristics of the 1990s American Eagle Food Machinery meat grinder beer and wine tents Little girl, 8 p. Michael. October. 8. 1st open-air religious service of the Christian Church, 12 a. Michael. Arcola Jaycees Kiddie Tractor Move, eleven y. Michael. Ivan Parker outdoor concert at no cost, a p. Michael. at the church car park, no free concerts with Skipper Rat and Blind Rivets at the window, two p. Michael. foods and create Entertainment listings, Sept. compartments close to 5 p. Michael. The beer and wine pavilion ends with half a dozen people. Michael. October. new. When: 12 a. Michael. in the evening of October. 6, 8 a. Michael. in the evening of October. 8 and nine o'clock.

What: Circus every day until eleven o'clock. Everyday songs foodstuff, rodeo, p. Entrance, half a dozen dollars, 12 years old, children from 5 to 11 years old, no footbridge permanently. Seasonal subscriptions, Dollarone-Dollar14. What: Avenue Side Functionality Half a dozen people work outdoors just about every night. an eclectic of avenue shows songs includes bluegrass, blues, belly resides art. The increase 6 p. 12 to Elizabeth. E. by 40 on Midland financial institution, Illini Radio radio group, Neil car park, streets, more than 350 classic shows, Kennekuk Highway Howl vintage food football on a celestial body running for 8 hoursPerstroll. leisure at p. includes In.


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